We train precision mechanics and machining mechanics…


From September 2019 we are looking for apprentices again in the areas of precision mechanics and machining mechanics


What you get: a great working environment and lots of exciting activities. There is also a promising future: many apprentices have already taken over as journeymen. And some started from here already in a successful independence.

With the secondary school Hennef we also associate a school sponsorship. In other words, we offer students the opportunity to get to know "our world" and our professional images through company visits and internships.

We have also been involved in the IGK IAP since the training year 2011. This is a training model in a group of companies. The trainee learns according to a fixed rotation principle in several companies that are connected to the Verbund.
More on this at www. IGK-EV.DE.


Currently, we offer   training in the following two areas: precision mechanics and machining mechanics. And here's some info about it:


Precision Mechanics


As a child, you like to build Lego bricks or tinker with tiny components? While others have walked around the area with a doll's car, you rumgeschraubt on your tricycle? Then you should continue to pursue your passion for tools and machines in the future. With an apprenticeship as a precision mechanic you work continuously with the most different measuring instruments and manufacture machines and devices.


You should be a fine mechanic...


            1          when you have good finger skill.

            2          Counting counts to your strengths.

            3          If you care about accuracy at work.


You should not be a precision mechanic in any case...


            1          If technology doesn't interest you.

            2          If you miss the eye for details..

            3          If you're totally clumsy in craftsmanship.



The activity at a glance


Precision Mechanics are finishing products of punching, cutting and forming technology as well as the device and mould construction technology. They also manufacture machines, equipment, systems and equipment that they are waiting for and repair.


Typical Industries

Precision mechanics find employment in the first place

• For manufacturers of fine-mechanical and optical products
• In machine and tool manufacturing
• In plants producing electrical measuring and control instruments


In addition, you will also find employment

• For maintenance and repair services
• At universities, e.g. at physical institutes



Machining mechanic

If you are looking for a technical-handicraft profession, you should definitely take a look at the training for the machining mechanic. A training place with good job prospects will be offered very quickly, if you are interested in machine technology, have achieved good results in plant instruction and would like to work very closely. Precision is the top priority for the machining mechanic when it manufactures components that are installed in machines, vehicles and planes or which are supplied as screws and angles to the domestic DIY store for sale. nbsp


Besides, you are as for the profession of Machining mechanic made if you

• are able to work a lot while standing
• Work carefully and accurately
• Take responsibility
• skillfully crafted
• Feel comfortable in factory halls and machine halls
• Do not interfere with machine noise
• Are capable of being in a team
• You can concentrate well
• Don't be afraid of mathematical formulas



The activity at a glance

Machining mechanics produce precision components mostly made of metal by cutting processes such as turning, milling, drilling or grinding. They usually work with CNC machine tools. You set them up and monitor the manufacturing process.


Typical Industries

Machining Mechanics Find Employment

• In Mechanical Engineering
• In steel or light metal construction
• In vehicle construction
• In foundries


Have we aroused your interest? Then send us your application quickly, either by mail to
Dornbusch GmbH
Kronprinzenstr. 1a
D-53773 Hennef


or online via the following link: 


You can find more information about the training professions here Machine mechanic


More LINKS / Job offers:

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Internships are a good way...

... to gain initial experience for the future profession and to consider whether an education in this field would be interesting.

We offer numerous opportunities to complete internships, e.g. for students in the areas of:
• Construction • Work preparation • Manufacturing • Measurement technology


An important element...

The continuous further development of processes and products is the basis for the success of the past and future.
This often results in projects and sub-projects which can be processed within the framework of bachelor and Master theses.

Your applications should be sent to the following address:

Dornbusch GmbH
Kronprinzenstr. 1a
53773 Hennef

You can also use our online application form:

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