Mitarbeiter Dornbusch 1930

The beginnings as a foundry

Dornbusch GmbH made the development from a pure constructor of foundry models into a specialist for hot embossing moulds and highly complex testing devices.

Wilhelm Dornbusch started in the year 1922 in a former stable in Hennef Happerschoß.

Today in Hennef there are several huge halls with a total area of 1615 m2 and 58 employees, in addition the subsidiary company NOVOtec in Buchholz with 825 m2 and 9 employees.

Firma Dornbusch 1955

New times

Wilhelm Dornbusch dies 1955 unexpectedly. His son-in-law, the merchant Heinz Weiss, supports the management by his wife Maria. In the following years he completed the training as a model builder up to the master's examination.

The years of economic miracles are also taking place in Hennef.

It is being built, invested in machines – the company is growing.

1955 is also the year of birth of Ludwig Weiss. The son of Heinz and Maria works regularly at the parental company during School.

The way to metalworking

1973 new ways in the direction of mould making and in plastic and metal processing open up. The first test gauges and patterns are built. The automotive industry is gaining in importance as a customer.

Ludwig Weiss joins the company in 1983. Together with his father Heinz, the trained model builder and graduate trader now leads the business. The "Modellbau Dornbusch GmbH" is made up of the former individual company.

As one of the first licensees of Tebis AG, Modellbau Dornbusch GmbH 1986 opens its doors for the new CAD/CAM Technologies.

Millenium: Growth and change

Dorbusch can be certified for the first time according to ISO 9001:2008.

The premises have become too small for new investments. With the establishment of the subsidiary company NOVOtec, 1999, space for new milling machines and a hot press for samples and small series is created.

In the following years, the site developed into a payroll processing centre for deep-hole drilling and milling operations.

2004 Heinz Weiss withdraws from the executive Board with 79 years now. Ludwig Weiss is now the sole managing partner.                                                   

Since the model construction has now almost completely disappeared from the everyday business, the "Modellbau Dornbusch" is renamed in "Dornbusch GmbH".

Markus Gratzfeld, who has already completed his training at the company is appointed 2009 technical director of the company and 2011 as managing director.

For many years, forms of the Dorbusch GmbH company have been running in European and transatlantic countries.

In the Canadian mould maker Rocad in Quebec, the Dornbusch GmbH 2010 finds the suitable partner for service and support of all Dornbusch products on the American continent. An extensive cooperation begins.

The economic crises of the time defy the Dornbusch GmbH as in the past decades and celebrates 2012 the 90th birthday (see picture below).

A hall extension at the Novotec site creates 2015 space for new investments.

The fourth generation is preparing for future management. Leon Weiss completes his degree in business administration and becomes a member of the Management board.

90 Jahr-Jubiläum der Firma Dornbusch in Hennef

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