NOVOtec – WageMilling / DeepholeDrilling / HotPressing

- The subsidiary of the Dornbusch Company!

NOVOtec GmbH & Co KG

Milling, Deep Hole Drilling & Hot Pressing – here are the competencies of the Novotec.

We offer pure contract processing as well as the execution of complex projects in mould making.

The Novotec is a subsidiary of the Dornbusch GmbH and excists since 1999.

New investments, the expansion of the halls in the autumn of 2014 and currently the commissioning of a  5-axis FZ42 Gantry Milling Machine enlarge the previous possibilities with regard to the component size, but also the precision and speed in the Machining of aluminium and above all also steel. In addition, a hot press offers the option for material tests in the hot stamping process. Hot pinching tools  for plastics processing can be disfigured here under production conditions and produced in zero or small series.