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Hot stamping

Embossing Pinch tool

Our greatest know-how is in the hot stamping. These are used for the deformation of all acoustic or thermal insulation materials. In particular, the moulds for engine compartment acoustics are used in the automotive industry. Here they are often referred to as embossing pinch tools. In addition to the order-related production of the hot stamping, we are also able to produce appropriate peripheral equipment such as cooling stations, sampling or zero series production.

The customer decides on the choice of tool heating. There are the possibilities of Ölbeheizung, electric heating via heating cartridges or indirect heating via the press table.

Areas of application of hot stamping for:

• Bonnets/Front flaps
• Transmission Tunnel
• Front wall
• Partition Walls
• Door isolation
• Loading room floors
• Battery Insulation

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